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    Default Re: For The Grandfathers Here-Question

    My first grandchild was born on the 3rd, at three days old he doesn't say much, but when he does its waaaaaa. lol

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    Default Re: For The Grandfathers Here-Question

    Once you become a grandparent, your brain turns to mush. I think the first grand kid gives off a pheromone that cooks your brain. I noticed certain stages. Stage 1. they walk around a corner ( out of sight ), you're around the corner. Stage 2. They are in a room out of sight, and any noise, you're in that room. Also no noise, and you're in that room. Stage 3. You realize the 5 year old probably won't kill the 4 year old when he whacks him with that stick. Stage 4. You don't have to tell the kid not to pick the cat up by the tail, he'll learn. Painful lessons are the ones most thoroughly learned. Stage 5 ( probably the final stage ), when you admit defeat. Pop Pop is taking a nap; don't light anything on fire.

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