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    Default Two CC'ers at Bethel Park Home Depot

    Just got back from Bethel Park Home Depot.

    I saw two concealed carriers there, curious if anyone one on here. First off, you guys were concealed just fine. I look, therefore I can usually see.

    First guy was there with family and wearing a black steelers shirt. Our boys are about the same age and I think I've seen you around before. Second guy was behind me in line. Had a Freedom shirt on so I had to glance when he leaned way over for something.

    Steeler shirt guy, I walked into the store behind you and noticed because the grip moved a bit as you walk as in out away from your body. I make holsters (not as a business), PM me if you want one for cost of materials. I was going to bring it up in the store but with your family there I didn't. Freedom shirt, offer is same to you as well although yours was very well hidden.

    Great to see (or not really see) people carrying out there. Especially family men.

    My holsters (yeah, I think they're the best..)
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    Default Re: Two CC'ers at Bethel Park Home Depot

    I like looking for appendix carry.
    Life has a melody.

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    Default Re: Two CC'ers at Bethel Park Home Depot

    I stare at women's chests to see if they are bra carrying...

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    Default Re: Two CC'ers at Bethel Park Home Depot

    Summer reveals more of what your cc ing,mostly because of not wearing loose fitting clothing ! I wear loose fitting shirts if anyone cares to know, CC ing a Glock 43 or Glock 19 ! Wife on the other hand CCs a snub ultralite 38 and would not know its on her unless she was wanded !

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    Default Re: Two CC'ers at Bethel Park Home Depot

    Quote Originally Posted by stainless View Post
    I stare at women's chests to see if they are bra carrying...
    I often wonder if they are carrying like the woman in this story;

    Talk about deep conceal.
    Quote Originally Posted by cdi View Post
    A drop leg holster? A big clue indicating an Operator operating operationally, of course.

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