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Sight Services and Complete Sights

I provide the stock sight, machine it, and send it to you when done with the Complete Sight option ("Base for 91/30 and pre-1946 Mosin Carbines.")

Or, you may send your sight in for modification for a discount with the Sight Service option ("I Will Supply My Own Sight for Conversion.")
It's your choice!

- Shipping is always FREE! -
If I can ship it to you, shipping's on me. No exceptions.

Special Offer: Fitted One-Piece Interrupter-Ejectors

Fitted ejectors allow you to easily load from stripper clips.

These are not regular items. I do not know when or if I'll offer them again.

There is only one (1) remaining as of June 30.

Sale! Mosin BASIC Improvement Kit

post-Father's Day Sale

Only one (1) left at sale price as of Saturday, June 30.

Only at http://smith-sights.com

Two-Stage Triggers: I have one (1) unclaimed trigger set for shipping on or about June 30. These have been in high demand. If you want a two-stage trigger set, don't put off ordering it. First come, first served; please see the two-stage website page for details!