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    Default Re: Anyone try reloading aluminum case for 9mm?

    All the aluminum cases I see anymore are boxer primed. I've reloaded a few 9mm and 45...they loaded and functioned just fine. I was thinking of seeing how many loadings they would handle....then my elevator made it to the top floor and I realized: 1) I don't want them splitting in my gun when they fail and 2) I have enough range brass to probably last me the rest of my life so why even bother?
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    Default Re: Anyone try reloading aluminum case for 9mm?

    I've learned from working with aluminum on bicycles that once aluminum is bent or changed from it's original casting it has a tendency to have unpredictable sudden catastrophic failure. I'd stick to brass, it's cheap enough why fool around with something you may regret and already know is unreliable. I have been reloading for over 30 years and I don't even use brass that I do not know the origin of. Brass picked up at the range is especially suspect. I've had 45 acp cases rupture with Federal brass that had a cannelure so I don't reload brass with a cannelure either.

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