1. There is a sticky by Pa Patriot in the General Forum for an open carry flyer he created that is locked. The last edit was by Pa Patriot in 2010.

2. He has another sticky for the same flyer in Concealed and Open Carry. This sticky is not locked and there are comments on the thread. The original post in this thread with the flyer in it was last updated by Knight0034 on August 10th 2013.

3. Fun sized updated the Flyer a couple of years ago. It is mentioned in the comments from thread #2 and has more information in this thread.

To cut down on confusion for people looking for information on open carry who find the flyer I would like to suggest:

A. Add the most recent information to the stickies in 1 and 2 above. For link 2 edit the post and add an addendum by either putting the new flyer into the post or adding a link to the Funsized thread with a mention that it has an updated flyer in it.

B. Replace the flyer from link 1 with the more updated version and/or add an addendum that there is another thread with discussion on the topic and a link to the thread in Open/Concealed carry.

The flyer is a great source of information. But it is confusing with different versions of the Flyer out there and one that has not been updated since 2010. Making a few edits to the threads would be beneficial to new users looking at the flyers for information.

Thanks for the time,