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    He posted this
    I told him sold, he said ok and agreed to meet next night (tonight), that he no showed
    PM'ed him after waiting almost 2 hours, canceling a meeting for other FFL business.

    Got back a PM finally later
    Hey Iím sorry to not get back to you sooner, I received an offer this morning and took it

    Hey Iím sorry to not get back to you sooner, I received an offer this morning and took it Would not will not do a deal with again.
    You took the offer you wanted more you should of listed more, or at least give a chance to counter or even let me know you don't honor your word and I could of completed my other work.
    Congrats this is the 2nd neg feedback I've given for a deal. The red chicklets were do to wasting my time.

    NOTE- he still hasn't taken it down and is telling others the ammo is still aval.

    Mod's were nice and let me do over this thread over so please keep to format.
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