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    Default Force on Force Training: Blue Mountain Firearms

    Blue Mountain Firearms Training, with Marc Weiss as lead instructor, will be offering a Force on Force training course using either Simmunitions or UTM's. It will be held on 20Oct2018 at a dedicated training facilty in Stroudsburg, PA, Threat Assessment and Tactical Solutions. The course will be a "complete package" as to use of force, including not only scenarios using trained role-players, but also integrating within the context of those scenarios the legal elements of use of force that are necessary to have been met in order to justify the defender's having chosen whatever force option he or she used. Video-tape replay of selected scenarios will be used as AAR's in which defender's will have the opportunity to review what they did, how they did it, and why they did. The course will also deal with the legal and psychological aftermath. Further information is available by linking to https://www.bluemountainfirearmtrain...force-training Additional information about Brandon Kehr's Threat Assessment and Tactical Solutions is available here
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