Tomorrow, June 19th, GUN Control (along with all the minions of the anti-gun groups) rears its' ugly head in the PA Judiciary Committee meeting (at 9 a.m.) in Room 140 of the Capitol Building in Harrisburg.
A number of these bills are Constitutionally repugnant, for those of us who 'still' consider the Constitution important!
These are the bills to be considered:
**HB 2463 - Good Legislation / Fixes Involuntary Commitments
**HB 2275 - FOAC - Neutral
**HB 2267 - FOAC - Neutral
**HB 2266 - FOAC - Neutral
**HB 2227 - FOAC - Opposed (Depending on language of any amendments)
**HB 2060 - FOAC - Opposed (Depending on language of any amendments)
**HB 1872 - FOAC - Opposed - Bumpstock / Trigger Multi-Burst Activator - COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE
**HB 1400 - FOAC - Opposed - Universal Background Checks - COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE!
**HB 273 - FOAC - Opposed (Depending on language of any amendments)
For the last two weeks we have been struggling with the language of these bills, sponsors of them, analyzing evolving amendments and trying to plan a response - virtually day 'and' night!
IF there are any gun owners out there who think that they will be shielded by the Constitution from these bills and gun control in general they are deceiving themselves.
Since Parkland many legislators (like Rep. Warren Kampf - R) are ignoring the Constitution on BOTH sides of the aisles.
So IF you are committed to the Constitution and STOPPING these misguided misfits in Red T-Shirts and their deep-pocketed socialist financial backers its time to get to Harrisburg OR get on the PHONE and make your voice heard!! Otherwise, do nothing (like gun owners in New York/Maryland/Massachusetts/Connecticut/Washington/California/Illinois/etc.) and watch our Freedoms and Heritage evaporate in real time!
I will be in Harrisburg tomorrow and hope to see you there!