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I got my old person license and DMAP this morning at a local store and was fourth in line and was out in about 20 minutes.
I was the only old person at the hardware store looking for a lifetime geezer renewal.
The hunting license guy put in all my info but the license printer didn't work.
Came up as an error about 5 times.
He gave up and told me to try online ( which I should have done at first).
I came home later and called the SW regional PGC number. Dispatcher looked it up and said the renewal was accepted and in place.
She told me to back to the terminal that accepted the info.
This morning, I went back. Same deal. Error in printing.
Guy calls help line. 22 min later and still no answer, he gives me their number and his terminal number because he had a lot of customers waiting.

I come home and call. 17 minutes on hold. Get an answer.
Lady asks what the error code was. I didn't have it, explain what happened.
She looks up my CID, says the license is in the system and accepted for renewal but needs the terminal to call to back the accepted license out of the system so I can do it another way.
I call the store, he is on hold for another half hour, customers need waited on, he hangs up, calls me and said he didn't get through.

I believe some changes need to be made or more help has to be available.

Latest is he will try on Monday to get my accepted license backed out of the system and invalidated so I can do it online.

What a shit. I just happened to be near that store and decided to get that while I needed a few other items.