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    Default AR 15 in .41 Magnum.

    I am considering building one in .41 Magnum. Where can I obtain a 16" barrel? Also need information on a BCG. I checked my 458 Socom BCG and it is to small.

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    Default Re: AR 15 in .41 Magnum.

    Chances are you will not find a bolt that will fit and function reliably. Too much material will have to be milled out to fit the head of the case

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    Default Re: AR 15 in .41 Magnum.

    The .458socom bolt is already thin enough, the .41mag rim is another .020" larger than the .458 socom rim. Then there is getting a magazine to work right with rimmed .41mag brass. Better off just going with a 10mm or a .44automag if you want something more exotic. You can use a .458socom bolt with the .44automag.

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