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    Default Re: Any shops in NEPA or Lehigh Valley area carry Canik pistols?

    Picked it up today and I have a few different feelings about it most of which are good.

    The Good:

    1.The pistol is just nice looking, comfortable, and very well balanced.
    2. You get a lot of accessories for a pretty low price, the box is literally stuffed with tools and spare parts.
    3. Since this is the combo deal it comes with the Venom installed which seems to be a pretty solid little red dot.
    4. There is very very little felt recoil with this pistol and for me that's huge since I have some health issues that greatly effect
    my hands leaving them in severe pain for hours and sometimes days.

    The Not so good:

    1. The pistol is completely over sprung and I could feel it at my dealers when I 1st picked up the pistol.

    2. I ran 4 different types of ammunition two 115gr choices, one 124gr and one 124gr plus p defensive round. While all rounds
    fed fired and extracted the ejection pattern of each was drastically different and not one of the 5 20 round mags all brand
    new locked back with the exception of the +p ammunition, every mag worked fine with that ammunition.

    3. That little cocking rod or handle they provide must have been threaded by a 3 year old or a blind man it's pathetic looking
    and I wont even try to thread it into the slide plates. While I most likely will never use it I paid for it and want it to work.

    I looked around on the net and see that the over sprung issue is well known and the competition guy's who use this gun replace with with an after market spring and guide rod made specifically for the SFX that will allow it to run any ammunition on the market. The problem is the spring and guide rod are $80.00 PLUS shipping. Apparently Century knows about this since it's the same issue the Elite suffered from among other things and their only answer is to run Nato spec ammunition all the time. I have seen other guy's who suffered from it say after 500 or so plus P or Nato spec rounds it wore in and will now feed everything and lock back and others who said just to lock the slide back for a week and it will correct itself.

    I am going to E-mail Century for a new charging handle thing and I will also mention the ejection and failure to lock back on any of my 5 brand new mags.

    The red dot is interesting as it's nothing like a dot on a rifle. It sits very high over the top of the front sight unlike my AR's which lollipop. I thought it was way off and I ran out of adjustment both ways and was pretty confused. I did all my shooting from 14 yards and hit my target 95% of the time but it's defiantly not sighted in properly so I need to figure out the best way to do that other then a ransom rest.

    Last buy not least as I was walking out of my transfer guy's place I looked down and saw 3 brand new 20 round mags for it with no price tag. I asked him how much he said they have been there for over a year and gave them to me for $25 ea which is freaking steel. So that fills my must have at least 5 mags per firearm quota.

    For some reason the site wont let me add pictures and I am tired of trying to figure out why since it doesn't appear to tell you what the issue is.

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    Default Re: Any shops in NEPA or Lehigh Valley area carry Canik pistols?

    Sent the below comments to Century Arms support knowing them they wont do shit but make excuses unless I were to have a youtube channel with a thousand or so followers. If I am lucky I will get a new cocking handle since it is defective.


    Today I picked up a Canik TP9 sfx pistol with the Vortex Venom combo that I ordered from Kentucy Gun Co on June 15th. As I went though the contents of the box I noticed the cocking or charging handle provided for the pistol appears to have mangled during the threading or casting process. It is so bad that I will not attempt to thread it into any of the base plates due to cross threading. I can provide pictures of this part if required as I would like to have that replaced.

    I also am having issues with the slide locking back on any of the 5 brand new 20 round magazines I have for this pistol. I fired 4 different brands of ammunition today, a total of 150 rounds all factory loaded two 115gr, one 124gr and the 4th was a 124gr plus P self defense ammunition. The 5 magazines would only lock back using 124gr HST plus P ammunition. It failed using S&B, Federal, and Fiocchi none of which I would consider under powered or sub par.

    The ejection pattern with each type was drastically different ranging from hitting me in the head , dropping 3ft to the right of me, and 10 feet to the right with HST plus P. This is obviously not what anyone would consider normal function for any well built pistol. I have already come across a number of competition shooters who say the pistol is over sprung which I agree with and the answer is an after market Recoil management system from Sprinco USA which costs $80.00. I am hoping there is a resolution that does not cost me any additional funds since a competition pistol should perform right out of the box on 9mm ammunition that does not cost $400.00 a case.

    Please advise.

    Thank You
    Your Momma

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