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    Default Re: Colt 1911 crown repaired.

    The short barrel will not effect how the pistol performs but yeah, got a little heavy with the crowning tool.
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    Default Re: Colt 1911 crown repaired.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gunsnwater View Post
    Ok I feel like an ass but they took too much off. The crown is perfect but the muzzle is buried in the bushing. 1911 barrels protrude just a bit and there was room on that barrel to do just that. Only the very end of the bushing bears on the barrel and this setup is very close to the end. I donít know if it effects wear and lock up but it looks off as compared with other 1911s to me.
    That's a good point. I explictly asked him if the shorter barrel will effect lock up, or if I'd need another bushing, and he said no it will function fine.

    I checked the lock up by pressing downward on the barrel hood, hard. I have zero movement---literally not even a budge.

    I think it did not effect lockup at all.

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