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    Default Rangefinder Recommendation

    Need a rangefinder for bow hunting mostly. I have an older bow that is a very accurate bow. When the deer are out to 50 to 60 yds I start to have trouble guessing the correct range. I hunt quite a few different areas.
    Now I want to buy Tectectec Pro rangefinder.

    Its specification is:
    Yards: Up to 540 yards
    Body: Durable and water resistant
    Lens Display: Premium, ultra-clear, multilayered optics
    Battery Mode: CR2
    Measurement: 104 x 72 x 41 mm
    Weight: 185g

    If this rangefinder could do that for me or you have any other opinion, I would be happy.
    Thanks in advance for your opinions.

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    Default Re: Rangefinder Recommendation

    Another member here recommended a Sig Kilo 2000. Apparently the optics were developed by ex-Leupold folks. I'm cheap, and picked up the Sig Kilo 1250. It's fantastic out to at least 400 yards for groundhogs. If you shop the web you can find them for around $170.
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    Default Re: Rangefinder Recommendation

    I picked this up on E-bay

    I kike how is takes the angle into the range.

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    Default Re: Rangefinder Recommendation

    The Sig Kilo's are good range finders.

    I bought my Leupold a few years ago for archery. I like it since it does angles and I like the size. Vortex makes a good range finder as well.

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    Default Re: Rangefinder Recommendation

    It's a good topic but for me, it needs to be real close anyhow, for now at least ha ha!
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    Default Re: Rangefinder Recommendation

    I too have heard great things about the Sig range finders. I myself have a Leica that I love, but it's not cheap. In reality, for bow hunting, most should get the job done. If you want something for longer range, that's where there are differences.

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