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    Default Re: Ditch my S&W M&P40C for new carry gun?

    A .40 shield sucks to shoot, but if you want one bad, I know a guy wanting to sell. That said I would go g26 or g43. Shoot go g23 if you like 40......and no I'm not a 40 hater, I like the round

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    Default Re: Ditch my S&W M&P40C for new carry gun?

    I don’t know about the holster issue. However are you sure it’s the weight of the gun that is the problem or is it the size? The reason I ask is most of the compact models are thicker and bulkier than their full size models. If you want a lighter gun and a single stack keep in mind that as the gun gets smaller and lighter the muzzle climb climbs along with recoil, making accurate follow up shots not as quick. Larger calibers will add to this effect.

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    Default Re: Ditch my S&W M&P40C for new carry gun?

    Quote Originally Posted by Never_Enough View Post
    I'm thinking of getting rid of my M&P40C for a lighter carry gun. Anyone think I should/should not? (Thinking Glock 43, M&P Shield or Glock 26 off the top of my head. Hate stock Glock sights, though) I'd prefer to stay .40 S&W so I don't have to stock another caliber, but open to 9mm.

    Started carrying my XD40SC today to see how much better, if at all, it feels for me vs the M&P. I carry everything IWB via Crossbreed holsters. Maybe the holster is my issue?
    I have the M&P 40C and the M&P Shield in the .40---- I love the shield. It's easy to carry and sometimes I don't [even] feel it through out the day in my belly band. However, make sure you practice plenty with it as it's "deceiving". In the hand it feels like a full frame gun however the short barrel takes a bit more practice at 10-15 yards. I was spot on with my 40C at 10, 15 and fairly accurate at 25 Yards...but with the Shield everything was low and left. I guess the shorter barrel accentuates your mistakes...eventually I worked through it with a simple re positioning of my finger on the trigger. BTW, search "low and left M&P shield---there's numerous threads on the subject.

    Bottom line, I do love the shield and traded it straight up for my aging 92 FS---That's a gun I could NEVER shoot accurately.
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