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    Default Re: Gun Owner Liability Insurance SB 1182

    Quote Originally Posted by GunLawyer001 View Post
    If you make more sense than the other guy, you can sometimes persuade hundreds of casual observers.)
    A review of CDC data shows that gun fire predominately claims one demographic - African American males from their late teens to early twenties. Their peers mostly die in auto accidents. People in those ages rare get cancer or heart disease, the leading killers of most of us. A rising number are over dosing on drugs or committing suicide. Aside this small group, and I suspect that most of these deaths are casualties of the war on drugs, we have a small percentage of people who die from gun fire.

    The gun control lobby is so desperate to pad the numbers that they include youths from 18 to 24 as "child victims of gun violence". They include suicides and being shot by police. If you go over the figures from 17 and down the number of kids killed with firearms drops off quite a bit.

    The vast bulk of people who die of gunfire commit suicide. Quite a few of the same people who abhor private ownership of firearms also believe in Physician assisted suicide. Apparently getting dosed with drugs is OK, but don't shoot yourself, that's dangerous.

    The gun control lobby is very good about personalizing death. Those kids who die in mass shootings are shoved into the faces of the public almost hourly. The scab is ripped off over and over again. Hollywood does its part by glorifying violence, celebrating subcultures which abuse firearms, even promoting violence as a solution to problems where it's a shitty solution and never a good first solution.

    The answer to gun violence is never self regulation, which is what most of us use to avoid violence with our firearms. Possessing a moral compass. Refusing to yield to anger. Refusing to behave like children.

    No, enough of us are irresponsible children so toys must be taken away. At gunpoint.

    I'm willing to entertain a discussion with Phil about how he would reason with these people. I'm pushing sixty. I've done my time in academia. I work amongst people who are almost neurotic about firearms. Even discussing firearms has resulted in termination where I work. I am an optimist by nature but I am kind of glum about reaching these people.

    The average person doesn't care. The best I can do is take them to the range. I do so.

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    Default Re: Gun Owner Liability Insurance SB 1182

    Message sent to my rep.
    Don't expect the world to be fair, because you are.
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