Real Avid Gun Boss AK-47 Cleaning Kit, *NEW* [D5L3-AA10]
Price: $24.99
Gun Boss AK-47 and SKS cleaning kit with case, *NEW*, by Real Avid.

Sold as a kit.

The ultimate tool to keep you on the range!
AK-47s get dirty fast. That is why Real Avid created the most comprehensive cleaning kit ever for the AK-47.
It contains a proprietary carbon-scraping tool designed for AK pistons and bolts.
Real Avid's exclusive chamber brush is threaded on both ends to reach the hard-to-clean chamber from both directions.
This kit will get your gun cleaned fast and easy, so you can spend your time where you want - on the range.

• 6 Threaded steel rods with durable black e-coating and swivel tip combine to form a 28.5" rod

• T-Handle
• 7.62mm Bore Brush
• Gas Tube Nylon Brush
• Gas Tube Mop
• Nylon slotted tip
• AK-47 Drift pin punch with gas port scraper tip
• Bore Illuminator / Safety Flag
• Chamber Brush
• Compact AK-47 Carbon Scraper
• 50-1.5” X 3” Cleaning Patches

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