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We are losing the fight for the Second Amendment. We are losing it in the courts. We are losing it in the legislatures. We are losing it in the media, in the schools and with young people. The approach we have been using to protect the Second Amendment for many years has failed, is failing and will continue to fail. That approach has basically focused on lobbying, elections, voting and using the litigation process without any serious attempt to change the philosophical or ideological bent of the country or to change the ideological trajectory of the country to the left which in the last five years has been accelerating, and without any attempt to change the basic progressive mindset which has dominated American politics for many decades. The tactics we have used are archaic, dated, spent, donít work and there has been no attempt to use bold new innovative tactics and unless that changes, we are going to lose this fight.
Constitutional carry didn't exist in the US, except for Vermont. How many States today have Constitutional Carry?

The Feinstein ban required a sunset to get it past the Senate. Bill Clinton had to bribe Democrats in the House. Enough lost the election to hand the Congress over. There was a repeal of the ban in the late 1990s, the GOP could not break the Filibuster and douchebag Bubba threatened to veto it.

There are twenty million modern sporting rifles in private hands. Thousands more are being made each month. Home made AR15s continue to proliferate, their numbers unknown. The Connecticut and New York bans got under twenty percent registry compliance. Nobody so far is going House to House to collect the other eighty percent.

The Astroturf gun rallies since Parkland have required massive amounts of money from Bloomberg and organizing support from the NEA. Two weak willed Republicans caved, one in Vermont and the other in Florida. We still don't know how that is going to affect those two treacherous bastards.

I think this guy is speaking for New Yorkers. The only reason that the SAFE act got passed is because Andrew Cuomo abused the emergency legislation clause to ram a Bloomberg written "law" through the Legislature. Cuomo was the architect of the S&W extortion while he was Bill Clinton's staffer. He's an elitist shitbag.

I agree that the Courts are hopeless. It's not their job to pass law.

If we were losing the fight there would be no Constitutional carry. We would have May Issue permits and awful classes. We would have massive insurance requirements just to own a firearm. Making your own AR15 would be a felony, like growing weed.

The gun control lobby is smart in getting laws passed. They don't have the guts to go all the way. The squishy soft suburbanites who might want a "ban" are not going to support people being machine gunned in their living rooms by confiscation squads. They're not going to tolerate gun pushers and clandestine ammunition dealers having gun battles over sales turf. I'm not even sure that the rank and file in the gun control lobby have those kinds of guts but the voters? No way.

We have suffered the war on drugs for years. Nobody cares about drug dealers. Gun owners are Mr and/or Mrs. Anyone.

Mike Bloomberg thinks he's going to heaven, which means he thinks he's doing God's work. If God didn't want us to have firearms he wouldn't have given us trigger fingers.