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    Default Re: Read another disturbing fact about LTCF app process (Philly) on here, is it true?

    Quote Originally Posted by alpacaheat View Post
    Officer Dunkin Doughnuts swept the entire town with the rifle muzzle at about 9 minutes. Did a 360-degree sweep. Idiot.

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    “Proclaim Liberty throughout all the Land unto all the Inhabitants thereof.

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    Default Re: Read another disturbing fact about LTCF app process (Philly) on here, is it true?

    Quote Originally Posted by cugino View Post

    ..., I was told I had to provide my SocSec number (twice) by two different reps down there even though it says optional on the form.

    I was told that the optional word on the form applied to Pa's form, not in Philadelphia! lol WT?

    So now after reading up on some things in some of the threads on the forum in here.... They took my fingerprints as well, and I did not have to supply them either?

    Is this true? And correct info?
    This might be the reason for the SSN.

    Yes. The U.S. Congress has enacted a number of laws to improve enforcement of child support obligations. As part of a broad "welfare reform" effort, the U.S. Government has required that states implement requirements to encourage payment of child support. States that fail to implement these requirements face possible loss of federal welfare funds.

    The "welfare reform" legislation contains hundreds of provisions. Out of this massive law, a handful of the new federal requirements affect purchasers and holders of recreational licenses, including hunting and fishing licenses.

    One provision requires states to deny hunting and fishing licenses to certain persons in arrears on child support when a court issues an order revoking or denying such licenses. Another requires government agencies to obtain Social Security numbers from applicants for recreational licenses, including fishing licenses.

    Phillie could be using this to deny a carry permit.
    Quote Originally Posted by cdi View Post
    A drop leg holster? A big clue indicating an Operator operating operationally, of course.

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