Practiscore Registration

Once again we are bringing you the best monthly 3 Gun match in central PA, we're located just outside of State College, PA.
Matches are held every 4th Sunday April - October, rain, shine, snow, sometime all 3 in one day.

Our 2018 season will continue to grow our sport in the region.
We continue to be a 3 Gun Nation club and will be running classifier stages that will be posted to 3 Gun Nation for club series ranking.
Stages will vary on which guns will be used. Stages may require a lot of movement along with other classifier stages with a moderate round count. We encourage new shooters as well as established competitors to come out, as there will be a variety of people to both help you and challenge you depending on your level.
3 Gun Nation rules will be in effect.
Minimum ammunition requirements:
200 pistol
100 rifle
200 shot
15 slug
Match Registration starts at 8:00 am.
Mandatory Safety Briefing at 8:45, you must attend this to shoot the match.
NOTE: NO bi-metal, Wolf*Ammo, Tula Ammo,*armor piercing(including m855 green tip), incendiary or tracer rounds allowed. If a magnet will pick up your rifle bullets, it cannot be used. If steel target(s) are damaged from use of such ammunition,competitor will be required to pay for the replacement of target(s).
In order to shoot in this match you need to be able to safely operate a handgun, rifle & shotgun to include drawing from a holster, and sling management on both rifle and shotgun
Critical Safety Guidelines:
Please keep your firearms UNLOADED and CASED upon arrival. Chamber flags must be inserted upon exiting your vehicle for rifles and shotguns. Be sure to unload and place your chamber flag in your rifle and shotgun prior to arriving at OSC.* Chamber Flags Are Required for Shotguns & Rifles - No Exceptions DO NOT HANDLE FIREARMS AT YOUR VEHICLE! Please bring your CASED and UNLOADED firearms to the
designated “Safe*Areas”. NO*AMMO is allowed in the “Safe Areas!”
Ammo may be handled outside the “Safe Area.” Firearms may not be*unholstered or loaded until on the line and under direction of a Range Officer.
Once in the “Safe Area” you may uncase and holster your*UNLOADED firearm. Please keep your magazine out of your*firearms, and DO NOT remove your firearm from your holster or*attempt to load until on the firing line when instructed to do so by a*Range Officer.