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    Default Moved from Montco to Philly, do I need a new LTCF?

    Hi all,

    I've moved on a semi-temporary basis from Montco to Philly - I am staying with my parents while I look to buy a house. I've changed my address on my DL back to theirs which is in Philadelphia. Could be here for the next year or so.

    My license is still valid for the next 4 years, was issued in Montco, and has my old Montco address on it. Do I need to (or is it even possible) to change the address to Philly, or do I need to reapply? I know the LTCF process in Philly is annoying and time consuming, so I'd rather not do it if it's not necessary (I will be buying in either Montco or Bucks anyway). Just want to make sure I'm legal while carrying with a LTCF issued in another county with a Philly address on my DL.

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    Default Re: Moved from Montco to Philly, do I need a new LTCF?

    Your LTCF is good for 5 years throughout the Commonwealth of PA, once it is about to expire, go to the Philly Police website, print out the forms, follow the directions, and get your new LTCF there.

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    Default Re: Moved from Montco to Philly, do I need a new LTCF?

    Your LTCF is valid, as is, until it expires. There are no provisions in state law for changing the address on an LTCF. You do not need to reapply.

    According to state law an LTCF is not a form of identification, hence no provisions or requirements for updating it.

    Updating your driver's license, vehicle registration and car insurance, is required.

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