Tactical Pistol 2 presented by HGH Training Group/Code 1 Tactical

June 2, 2018 @ 8:30am-4:30pm

Hawley, PA

This course starts where Tactical Pistol 1 leaves off and will take your pistol skills to the next level. We will work at an even faster pace than before, refining those skills with the most important piece of emergency equipment. You will not be standing still on the line. More stress, more movement, more manipulations, more positional work, more, more…

Equipment List
Quality Pistol or Revolver
Sturdy belt
Strong side holster (No Serpa Style)
Minimum 3 magazines or speed loaders
Magazine pouch
Round count: 500
Ear protection, eye protection
Comfortable and durable clothing (dress for the weather)
Concealment garment if desired
Note taking materials

*Note* This will be a physically active class. Accordingly, every student should be aware of this and consider self-exclusion if they have concerns about their physical condition or suffers from any health or other physical abnormality that may place them at risk during periods of significant physical exertion.

Review of Proper draw and presentation
In-depth look at pistol marksmanship
Review of Reloads
Balancing speed and Accuracy
Review of Malfunctions and Threat assessment/area scanning
Dealing with Multiple Threats
Turning and Shooting
Get off the “X”
Shooting multiple targets While Moving
Non-Standard Shooting Positions
More Utilization of Cover and Concealment
Transitioning between Shooting Positions

One handed topics:

Shooting- Strong/Support side
Reloads- Strong/Support side

Lunch will be provided and will consist of sandwiches, chips, soda and water. It will be a working lunch, which means that we go over current topics/trends/equipment/etc. Usually I like to discuss or demo some form of life saving technique or equipment. If we learn how to put holes in something, we should learn how to fix holes.

$50 deposit required- Balance in cash due the day of the event