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    Default Pittsburgh Subreddit being used to recruit for communist party of America

    One of many examples if you frequent the sub.

    I know, I know - is a leftist echo chamber. I really only use it to keep tabs on what the entitled assholes in the city are up to. Apparently it's organizing a communist take over of any office they can from legislature all the way down to dog catcher.

    Now you might be saying that their little kumbaya club will amount to nothing in a general election, they have experienced a surge in membership and have already won offices around the country. If they had more financial backing I bet they'd hold even more offices.

    I find this extremely worrying. Communism brings nothing but death and misery and no matter how much they tell you otherwise democratic socialism is communism just under a different name. Since it seems to be taking root in America, is there any organization try to counter this wave of misguided idiots?

    EDIT: Sorry should have posted this in the lounge. Can a mod move it for me?
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