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    Default Re: Moving big safes

    Quote Originally Posted by MOUNTAINORACLE View Post
    Yes, some people would at it as a plus, but speaking for myself I would tell the owner I don't want a cheap safe move it out or I would call a moving company get a price for it's removal and scrapping and drop my offer by twice their bill as I it's something that I would not want schedule and wait on safe movers when I am trying to move in.
    When I bought the house I'm in now, I had to argue about getting the owner to deduct $$$$$$s because of an in ground pool he said it a selling point and I said it was a reason for me not to buy because of the cost of back filling and a concert slab over the pole.
    do you ever fill the pool in ?

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    Default Re: Moving big safes

    Quote Originally Posted by Berncly View Post

    If the safe is not particularly expensive, then just sell it with the house and buy a new one.
    If the safe is very expensive, then just sell it with the house and buy a new one.
    Installed safes add value to house sales.

    Personally, I think you do better with the cost just selling it with the house and buying a new one.
    I think you end up with more for the money re delivery and placement costs.
    Just my $0.02, others may disagree.
    If you are going to sell a house and leave the safe behind my advice is to find a way to remove the lock and maybe include money at the house closing for the average cost of a new lock to be install by the new buyer or his/her choice of locksmiths. I would strongly not recommend leaving the combination or key lock on the safe behind. The reason; if the new buyer experiences a burglary where items or guns were removed from that safe and the new buyer tells the police that the safe was locked and the combination or key has not been changed ; one guess who is going to be suspect number one .
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