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    Default Re: Poll workers don't ask about my gun anymore

    Quote Originally Posted by Carson View Post
    While not maintaining a constant presence, if there is a disturbance at a polling location, a police supervisor will respond.
    Unless it's the black panthers of course.

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    Default Re: Poll workers don't ask about my gun anymore

    My polling place is a former school that just got sold so I carried to vote for the first time this year.

    On the topic of constables, when do elections come around again? I'd like to run, there's no Constable in my ward, but I can't find a ton of info online for how to actually get on the ballot, when the elections for Constable are (I know they're every six years, but which year?!) etc.

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    Default Re: Poll workers don't ask about my gun anymore

    Next constable election would probably be the Spring 2019 election. Your board of elections would have all the necessary stuff to get you onto the ballot. If your particular ward currently has a vacancy, you can get appointed to the position. The elections people should be able to point you in the proper direction. Any vacant elected position can be filled by appointment, which would be valid until the next election.

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    Default Re: Poll workers don't ask about my gun anymore

    It is much easier to just get elected.

    To be appointed you would need to fill out a bunch of paperwork, get a few signatures including a recommendation from local chief of police and then be appointed by the president judge.
    Then you basically can’t do squat until you get your PCCD certification , which is basically twice a year if you are lucky off election cycle.

    If you are seriously interested, talk to some certified Constables first and then decide if you want to put up with the bs associated, back stabbing and political suckoff that need to be done to actually get work. Not to mention about 2-3 grand you have to put out for basic gear.

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    Default Re: Poll workers don't ank about my gun anymore

    Quote Originally Posted by 19dscoutsout View Post
    I opened carried for the first time at my poll. First time ever actually. It was quite the show. 5 poll workers told me I was violating the law, yet none could vote the law.

    They called 3 police officers, and called the election commission. One man told me he “wrote the book on election laws, yet couldn’t cite the law I was violating.” Another poll worker told me she had ptsd so I had to take my gun to my car. Two constables there couldn’t tell me the law, and the judge of election kept claiming I was hostile to them (because I asked for a statute...).

    After the election commission told them I was allowed to vote ( surprise!) they gave me a lecture about how they don’t like it and were once threatened so I shouldn’t be allowed to open carry.

    The cops were pretty chill tho, and when the one asked for my lctf said “oh wait you are open carrying. Never mind,” and left.
    I went through a bit of a hassle a few years back.

    Nothing like that.

    I would be pressing charges for voter intimation.
    "Cives Arma Ferant"

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