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    Default April Gun Sales Set A New Record

    April Gun Sales Set A New Record, Thanks Anti-Gun Activists

    David Hogg, Cameron Kasky, and Emma Gonzalez decided to take on the National Rifle Association, pro-gun rights politicians, Republicans, and rural America after the tragic shooting at their high school, Marjory Stoneman Douglas in Parkland, Florida.

    The result has been the best fundraising for the NRA in years, a boost in membership, and record gun sales.

    March was a record-setting month, and April proved to be no different (via Free Beacon):

    April 2018 saw the most gun-related checks run through the Federal Bureau of Investigation's background check system.

    The National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) ran 2,233,213 checks in April, according to an FBI document.

    That's nearly 90,000 more checks than the previous April record set in 2016. It also represents the second month in a row to set a record with March seeing 2,767,699 checks.

    The drop off in background checks between March and April matches the industry's typical sales cycle where more guns are sold in winter months than in summer months.

    December tends to be the best month for gun sales in any given year. December 2015 holds the record for most checks in a month with 3,314,594.

    At the same time, NICS checks for carry permits may have added to the April totals, which the publication adds.

    Regardless, there is no doubt that the sense of complacency, for the lack of a better term, which set in last year, is no more.

    Two Republican and pro-Second Amendment governors, Rick Scott and Phil Scott, have signed anti-gun bills into law in Florida and Vermont respectively.

    And the blue states are pushing local or statewide initiatives that would either virtually ban guns or force law-abiding owners to register them, destroy them, transfer them out of the state or locality, or surrender them to the police.

    The anti-gun Left won legislative victories in Vermont and Florida.

    That was the inch, now they’re going to take several thousand miles.

    The 2018 midterms will be critical; don’t forget to vote.

    This theme was pervasive at the NRA’s Annual Meeting in Dallas. Horrible anti-gun legislation waits in the wings. Don’t forget about that when November rolls around.
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    Default Re: April Gun Sales Set A New Record

    It's too bad it takes that type of legislation to in increase sales.

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    Default Re: April Gun Sales Set A New Record

    Yeah,I said I would buy a few more guns in April !

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    Default Re: April Gun Sales Set A New Record

    Take your kids and all their friends to the range. Introduce as many people as you can to the hobby/sport

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