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    Default Re: What do you make of this sniper rifle?

    Welp, it was on youtube, so it must be real.

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    Default Re: What do you make of this sniper rifle?

    Quote Originally Posted by TaePo View Post
    I would have expected more Soviet calibers. 7.62x51 is .308 NATO.

    Generally, I would not expect Iran to adapt/use NATO rounds unless it is a leftover from the U.S.-Shah days or something.

    Can any Geo-political experts shine some education on this? Or is the painted info to mislead? (Let's not forget sanctions, too, as they would probably include NATO rounds)

    Thus, I definitely find this interesting.
    .308 has more producers on the world market. With no ComBloc still in place other than China and North Korea, there isn't as large of a production base for the Soviet calibers as there used to be. Let's not forget that while we mainly think of Russia as the world's arms exporter to anyone who isn't buying from us, they aren't the only one by any means. France and Germany sell whatever to whoever is buying and they're geared on .308, and that's only two major examples. Look at what surps we buy as individuals here: Malaysian, British, Austrian, German, South African--all that's .308.
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    Default Re: What do you make of this sniper rifle?

    I dream of an America where a chicken can cross the road without having its motives questioned.

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    Default Re: What do you make of this sniper rifle?

    I believe its a keltec experimental that ruger ripped off for that new bolt gun / ar thing they are selling for a grand. Poor keltec didn't even get this one to market before ruger ripped them off.
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