We once had Joe Foss, USMC ace and MOH recipient as NRA Prez - whatever; I only want an NRA prez who has the nads to attack back at Media Hogg and the rest of today's enemies of the 2A.

Take the fight to the steps of our 2A enemies. Stop waiting to respond - punch first at the slightest hint of provocation.

Now that Media Pigg is 18, he can't be shielded by the "he's only a dumb child" shit.

If Hoggy or that boy-faced Nazi-skin-head-looking lezbo buddy of Hoggs sister say another word about us members as "baby murderers" - than that should equal a slander suit larger than the GNP of the USA.

He can also use his status to expose the "Moms Demand more Action in their minivans at the back of the Giant Eagle parking lot" to show the palatial digs in Colo Springs of Shannon Watts - paid for by Bloomie and all those donations from fat, hair-toed muffin-topped moms whose hubbys have left them -