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    Default Review of Inexpensive Night Sights - TRUGLO Tritium

    I just purchased these on Amazon HERE. They have the "low" sights which is this model and then also the Tritum Pro which are higher and have more of a shelf for racking on a belt, etc. But I'm very happy I went with these. One of the images shows a grid with the different features of the sight models.

    Amazon had the best price I found with some of the sellers having them for $50 and free shipping. I think these are the cheapest night sights you're going to get for a Glock.

    The rear sight fit perfectly on a Glock Gen 3 slide. I installed without a pusher and just a padded vice and duct tape covered steel punch. Went into place with minimal bashing, but still a snug fit. I also blue-loctited the set screw that is supposed to hold the dovetailed sight in place.

    The front sight was very tight and I used some 600 grit sandpaper to make a small bevel around the circumference and remove a bit of material. It then tapped into place with a hammer without too much bashing. Again, blue loctited the screw and snugged it up. Not sure if it was the sight tolerance that needed the fitting, or the slide tolerance. But no big deal at the end of the day.

    Brightness is good, about equal to Glock night sights which are the only others I have experience with. I don't think you'll find them too dim at all for nearly any purpose. Daytime use is good as well with the white outlines.

    I've only shot 100 rounds of standard pressure 9mm with them so I can't comment on durability too much, but so far so good. I also shot my personal best glock group with these, but it could have just been a good day for me... All in all these are great sights for very cheap and I'm happy.

    The other option I've found for cheap Glock night sights are sending your slide to Glock to have them factory installed. You pay $67 for the sights, install, and return shipping. The trick here is to strip your slide and send that because glock will rebuild it for you for FREE with brand new parts. Those parts go for ~$70 I believe and it's always good to have spares. I suppose you can also just get the Glock steel sights and get a free slide rebuild with parts for only $20 but I'm not positive of this.

    Go here for the glock warranty form for the night sights.
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