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    Default Chester County areas that prohibit shooting?

    Hi everyone,

    My wife and I are beginning to look for some property in the Chester County area. Were relocating from NW pa. Around here, if you have the land, there are no restrictions on firearms usage. Id like to buy a house with few acres somewhere in Chester county, and if possible, put in a small range for myself. A private range where I can just do some shooting when the mood strikes me.

    Are there any places in the county that I should avoid? Obviously Im not talking about putting a range on a 1 acre plot in the middle of a housing development, but rather some rural land that would be safe for firearms use.

    Weve actually been looking around the Pottstown area, so I guess northern Chester county.

    Im mainly just looking for places to avoid.

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    Default Re: Chester County areas that prohibit shooting?

    Avoid west Chester, downingtown, and exton. The city of Coatesville sucks but the area around it is cool.
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