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    Default Gun Vault and Bee’s

    Last week I did the gun shop rounds. Stopped out to Bee’s and got a great deal on 5 pound lead ingots, $2.00 each He only had 70 pounds, not a bad deal when the cheapest I have found lead bars is $1.00 a pound when you can find it.

    Second stop the Gun Vault. I bought a used in like new condition, Ruger Black hawk in 41 Rem Mag, I don’t think it has ever been fired, came with the box for $450.00. It will go nicely with its brothers in 45LC and 44 Mag I have.

    Then to make a great day better, I placed an order with Mid-way, The 41 Dies, Bullet mold, sizing die, top punch, and Brass are all on sale.

    I am thinking a lottery ticket may not be a bad idea.

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    Angry Re: Gun Vault and Bee’s

    i thought the tread was going to be about guarding your guns with bees .

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    Default Re: Gun Vault and Bee’s

    Never at the gun vault but Bees was always my go to place when I lived out that way . Was their powder prices still below the average ?

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