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    Default Slide Fire to cease production

    From MSN

    I hope this is tactic to let things calm down. Or perhaps this is a way to protect assets. Weather you like the slide fire or not they do work and are legal.

    Slide Fire Solutions, the inventor and manufacturer of the controversial bump stock firearm accessory, announced Tuesday on its web site that it will stop selling its products as of next month.
    Bump stock devices were attached to rifles used in the Oct. 1 massacre in Las Vegas, in which 58 concert-goers were slaughtered by a lone gunman firing from a high-rise hotel. The devices allow rifles to mimic fully automatic machine gun fire.
    “On Sunday, May 20, 2018 at midnight CDT, Slide Fire will cease taking orders for its products and shut down its website,” the Texas-based Slide Fire said in a message on the web site. “Orders placed prior to May 20th, 2018 will all be processed and shipped. We thank you for your support.”

    Slide Fire did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
    Days after the rampage at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence and the Las Vegas-based Eglet Prince law firm announced a class-action lawsuit against Slide Fire as well as the sellers, manufacturers and marketers of bump stock devices.
    The Brady Center alleged in the lawsuit that the killings and injuries from the rampage “resulted from the military-style arsenal that the defendants manufactured, marketed, and sold to the public, without any reasonable measures or safeguards."
    Last month, the Trump administration proposed new regulations that would effectively ban bump stock devices. There is a 90-day public comment period before the regulation can become final.
    Avery Gardiner, co-president of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, called the Slide Fire announcement a “positive development.”
    “Whether it was our lawsuit, business realities, or the impending federal regulation against bump stocks that led to this decision, we don’t know yet,” Gardiner said in a statement. “I’m sure in the lawsuit, we’ll learn more about their announcement about closing their website and what they plan to do with their assets, including their patent.”
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    Default Re: Slide Fire to cease production

    I watched a video where it said there is no evidence a bumpstock was used in the vegas shooting.

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    Default Re: Slide Fire to cease production

    It's odd how the bump stock didn't come under fire (no pun intended) until after the Parkland, FL shooting where one wasn't even used.
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    Default Re: Slide Fire to cease production

    Sad to see it come to this
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    Default Re: Slide Fire to cease production

    As "dangerous" as the bump-fire supposedly is, there is only one time where I've heard of one being used in a shooting, and that was Las Vegas. They've been around close to a decade now? I just read an article that stated the stocks were invented 20 years ago. The first one, the Atkins Device, was banned by the ATF in 2005. The stock was redesigned. Not sure how long they've been on the market, but its been a while. How many other U.S. products (especially ones that involve high transfers of energy) can boast such a record? Amazing.

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    Default Re: Slide Fire to cease production

    Facts don't matter in any of these case you haven't noticed...its raw emotion and nothing but...

    Its the new way the Left pushed anything of importance to them. We have the element of time on our side. Once reason fills the void left by the empty "feeling", we see that logic will prevail, as it has before. A better bump fire stock will be developed and I will laugh my ass off when it comes to market. We are a smart group. Adversity brings inspiration to those of us who don't like to be told what we can and can't do.
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    Default Re: Slide Fire to cease production

    These were $5 hookers for ugly guys. A way for broke azz Joe 6 to approximate full auto love before the dirt nap. Clueless freedom hating shitbags had to take that away. Cigarettes, soda, bumpstocks RIP

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