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    Default Re: Carry in Detroit with a PA resident license

    Quote Originally Posted by Berncly View Post
    I would just add that as we see in Jersey, there is the law and then the way it's handled by the state.
    When you don't know the lay of the land in another state it's always advisable to keep a low profile and avoid trouble areas (good to do that anywhere).
    If you are somewhere you shouldn't be and the police find the gun on you the permit won't help you.
    You will just get charged with disturbing the peace or some other grey area infraction and you will end up having to defend yourself in court.
    I mean no offense by this, but your line of questioning has my radar up.
    Could you explain why? I see only nervousness that he could be screwed in Detroit like we have heard about in other big cities.
    Some people just plain suck.
    If you're gonna be dumb ya gotta be tough.

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    Default Re: Carry in Detroit with a PA resident license

    Fair enough.
    I really meant no offense.
    Sometimes the cop in me starts coming up the basement stairs.
    I am happy to be wrong about this one.
    Just felt compelled to throw it out there.
    How can you have any cookies if you don't drink your milk?

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    Default Re: Carry in Detroit with a PA resident license

    Been there a few times, more on the outskirts. You are totally legal to carry there. You will have no issues. Detroit PD would rather you not open carry though. Outlying areas I had no issues O/C.

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    Default Re: Carry in Detroit with a PA resident license

    Berncly. I understand how my questions could be looked at in another light but please let me assure you Iím only looking out for my families safety. I donít enjoy going to places that have the crime reputation that Detroit has. We are going there for an athletic tournament that one of my kids are participating in. We donít even know where our hotel is yet so I donít know where in the city we will be staying.
    Iím more than willing to drive out of the way of the higher crime areas to get to the various tournament destinations if I knew where they were and how to avoid them. I guess, to put it in your words, traveling to an unfamiliar place with the crime that Detroit is known for, has MY radar up.

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