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    Default Large pistol primers and more

    Ordered kit for reloading 45lc. (Also .38 eventually)

    I used to reload about 30 years ago.

    Recommended large pistol primers? Reliably go bang.

    Good place to get/order bullets?

    They call me "Simple Jack".

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    Default Re: Large pistol primers and more

    CCI, Winchester, Remington, S&B....they all work.

    Look at Xtreme Bullets or Steel Valley Casting (plug for our own member here!)
    I'm only here for the wood c-rings.

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    Default Re: Large pistol primers and more

    whoa..... deja vu

    I wouldn't worry about primer manufacturer, just stock up on what's available. I remember 2012 and not getting any. So, started buying whatever was available when they were coming back. I even have old Winchester primers from the 50's or 60's that my grandfather used with his wax bullet kit. They still work when I load up wax bullets. I also found some old boxes of primers in a house I demo'd. I put them in some 9mm's and they were fine

    For bullets, I mostly cast but have also ordered from Xtreme.

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    Default Re: Large pistol primers and more

    I've used nothing but Winchester WLP primers for large and large magnum rounds for probably 30yrs.
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    Default Re: Large pistol primers and more

    Thanks for the plug. Come on down 79 and visit me. I have the best price on primers and bullets. If you like Titegroup or CFE pistol 'I'll save ya on powder also.


    Btw I carry CCI primers. is your new home for coated bullets and custom ammo.

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    Default Re: Large pistol primers and more

    I try to use the same primers for similar loads, but after decades of reloading I quit fooling myself..

    Now I use small pistol primers of any American brand for 9mm, .38spl..and .357 mag.

    Small rifle for 5.56 and large rifle for 8mm and 7.62x51

    Have not loaded .30carb in years but might still some day.

    I store primers like my airtight steel ammo cans w dessicant or rice grains in them and cool..have not had a problem w old primers . In fact last summer I ran across a box of .45ACPs I had loaded in 1983 & put away and 4got about.. ..all worked fine.

    I load for practice and plinking and maybe defense if SHTF......
    If I was loading for long range bench rest it might be good to really be careful abt specific primers..Just keep em cool and dry.

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