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    Default Re: Cheap Long Range Setup

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve_NEPhila View Post
    Ruge has a new American in the "go wild" camo and cerakote metal bits. I just bought one. Out of the box it takes ai detachable mags and cost me 500 bucks. I picked up a Sig Sauer 2 to 10 power by 42mm scope for 349 (they have them on gunbroker for 299 from tanners sport center, my favorite shop). Add in warne medium height rings for about 40 bucks and a 15 dollar cheek riser from blackhawk and eureka... less than 1000.

    I bought mine in 6.5 creedmoor. Ammo can be had from S&B for 12 bucks per box of 20!
    Thanks for this info. I had no idea Ruger was offering the 6.5 Creedmoor with a stock that takes AI mags. That changes my plans a good bit.

    Looks like the Predator is being offered in the same config:

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    Default Re: Cheap Long Range Setup

    With the rapid advancement in the quality of budget rifles in the past couple years I will propose that the rifle take a back seat to the glass in terms of money spent. For $500 or less you can get a Ruger American, Savage or Tikka T3 all of which should shoot 1 MOA or less, however I would not trust an optic that cost less than $500 for any serious long range work.

    The biggest thing to focus on is tracking, if the scope doesn't track correctly then you are going to be nothing but frustrated. Most scopes I've used in the sub $500 range were hunting scopes such as the various Nikon models, old Widefield Redfields and the new Leupold made Redfields. The 1/4" click in most of them was a suggestion more than a rule, if you were 2" left and adjusted 8 clicks right it might move between 1.5" to 3" or worse stick and move more after the first shot. Trying to use a scope with that much variation in adjustments can cause a lot of misses which could leave you disheartened and blaming either the rifle or second guessing your shooting abilities. My advice would be to do lots of research and buy the best glass possible for your budget because it doesn't matter how good your rifle shoots if the scope is holding you back.

    Now with that said back in 2011 when I first started shooting long range I bought a Model 70 in .300 Win Mag and mounted a 4-16x Nikon Monarch scope with mildots. While the combo worked well enough I was coming from a hunting background so I sighted it in and simply used holdovers. I never once checked the tracking on it because I never adjusted it, I was taught you weren't supposed to adjust your scopes unless you were zeroing in before hunting season. While I have replaced this set up with a far more specialized one(and far more knowledge) the holdover method would be a way to utilize a less expensive scope. Generally speaking the reticle measurements even in cheap scopes are usually spot on so employing a MIL/MOA reticle could be a work around for a scope with poor tracking. However depending on the reticle this could limit your max range to 600 to 900 yards depending upon the scope and reticle chosen.

    Personally I see such budget set ups as a litmus test so to speak, once people get down and really try out long range shooting they typically separate into two groups. They either love it and start upgrading their gear or they go "well that was fun" throw it back in the safe and maybe shoot it every once in a while.

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    Default Re: Cheap Long Range Setup

    The thing I feel you you don't see with all these 1K for $1k builds is repeatably, sure many riffles in 308 or 6.5 can go out 1000yrds thats the caliber not the riffle per say, with a bit more expensive riffle you get confidence in repeatably, same thing with glass-I'd look at a Vortex Viper PST or HST if you are not hunting with it and don't need the lighted recital . If your buying something cheap, make sure it has room to grow, ie other stock choices, trigger replacement choices, Rem 700 are popular for that reason you can get a ton of support and replacement parts. I can tell you if you plan on shooting distance competitively or often your going to want to start with something better then a $500 gun. If your not in a hurry being a lefty I would search gunbroker for a custom gun with low round count, you can usually get a good deal as less people are shopping for leftys. If you were not a lefty I would say check out the Bergara B14 HMR lot of riffle there for a street price around $925
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    Default Re: Cheap Long Range Setup

    I would stay away from the .308. If you decide to take a trip and go longer than 1000 yards you will be disappointed with the .308. The 6.5 Creedmoor is much better. I personally shoot .338 lapua, but the rounds are expensive unless you can reload yourself. Ruger makes a Creedmoor that is good for entry level that you can find for under 1k. The Savage 6.5 in my opinion is better but is a few dollars more. If you need a scope I have a Vortex Viper VPR-M-06MD 6.5-20 X50 PA I can sell you for $300 with the rings.

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