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    Default Commissioner marseglia and new sheriff

    Did anybody read the “message” from marseglia on 7 new sheriffs deputies needed to “process” LTCF in the intelligencer? Seems her and the new sheriff see a need to “investigate” every application now? What’s up with that? Is that legal? Seems to me it’s a political stunt directed at the 2A community. I mean, bucks was known, just like every other county in PA to run the Nics check and issue the license. Now she’s saying that since they caught some people who lied and tried, now they need to further vet the applicants? Strange, as I live in Philadelphia and they didn’t do anything more than the nics check and wait the 30 days. Specifically, she talks about needing to check every applicants references. What do y’all think?

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    Default Re: Commissioner marseglia and new sheriff

    I think this thread has been discussing this already...

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