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    Default Piston driven AR45

    Im a fan of piston driven AR platform, I was looking at getting CMMG BCG and Barrel kit for my AR45 build and milling the barrel to put a gas port hole into it. Also Ill alter the gas key since its set up to be a blowback system. Using a adams arms piston kit. I see people using DI which uses more gas to actuate the bolt so why wouldn't a piston drivesystem work?

    Was wondering what other people's thought or hopefully someone else has experience with this kind of build to let me know if itll be a bust. Always good to blaze the path and repost the outcome.

    Thanks everyone

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    Default Re: Piston driven AR45

    Can't offer any build advice but the idea sounds awesome. Please update with pics if you go through with it. Good luck!

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