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    Default Re: 2018 NFA Paperwork Timeline

    Quote Originally Posted by NathanB View Post
    Bastard. Im still waiting.
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    Them's the breaks in this game.

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    Default Re: 2018 NFA Paperwork Timeline

    Im only like 2-3 months into my wait now but with recently reading about people suing the FBI over being unjustly denied, their current gun rights taken away and apparently they havent processed a single denial appeal since 2016. Gotta say it has me worried now and regretting that I submitted an application. I went through some BS denial a few years back when I went to RENEW my carry permit that ive had since the mid 90's. It took me a year to have it reversed and another year of having to go through a hassle every time I bought something new. If this goes through the same crap im gonna be kinda screwed

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    Default Re: 2018 NFA Paperwork Timeline

    Youll be fine. It just takes forever.

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