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    Default Another Gun Control Article Being Touted by Progressives

    I've seen this article in Forbes being touted as "incredibly logical and well-sourced," "fairly balanced," and points out "that nobody wants to take your guns."

    The people who claim that must be reading a different article as here are just a few of his "well-sourced, unbiased, and fairly balanced" quotes.

    "And when gun deaths and injuries are compared to rates in other countries, it is hard to build a chart big enough to properly picture America’s towering rates of slaughter."

    "Mass gun ownership leads to higher rates of gun death. Careful regulation can limit that death toll, but not eliminate it."

    "According to Franklin Graham, gun violence happens because Americans “turned our backs on God.” His “kids these days” explanation of gun carnage is a favorite of drunk uncles in MAGA caps all over the country."

    " Gun advocates are passionate about civil liberties until those liberties become inconvenient."

    "Gun sales have surged in recent years in the US, but gun ownership is declining. Fewer American households own a gun than at any point in the past half a century."

    "Chicago’s seemingly intractable problem with gun violence is one of America’s fondest fascinations. It’s also a myth."

    "Congress has protected gun companies from lawsuits. Threats from the NRA have blocked the Centers for Disease Control from researching gun deaths. State and federal laws block law enforcement officials from effectively tracking weapons used in crimes."

    "If the Second Amendment was about resisting the government, why have we only enjoyed a personal right to firearms for less than ten years?"

    "Behind the “Second Amendment Remedies” lie lurks a dark reality: private arsenals have always been the bloody left hand of white supremacy. When gun enthusiasts shrug off the mass slaughter of innocent civilians to preserve “freedom,” they aren’t talking about your freedom or mine."

    His solution: "Register every gun and every gun sale. Require gun owners to obtain a license. Make liability insurance a requirement for every gun owner, tracked to every gun. Require proof of insurance for every sale. Track sales of ammunition, just like we track the sale of Sudafed."

    And, lastly, "When presented with concrete proposals to regulate guns, majorities of Americans almost always favor them."

    Here is a link to the entire article. What's your thoughts about all that he has to say?

    "The best way to end up mediocre is via tiny compromises."

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    Default Re: Another Gun Control Article Being Touted by Progressives

    I am done always fighting for my rights, and they keep chipping away, instead of giving them back. I am not following any new laws, as they are overburden as it is. #notmygunlaws. at this point, if we need a 2nd civil war, lets go. I am not sure how much more clear you can get, "shall not be infringed"
    Sec. 21. The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.

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