Hello y'all!

I just moved to Essington for a temporary work assignment (1-2 years). I am an on call airline pilot.

I just applied for my NR CWP. I am a competitive shooter and am bringin up my 3 gun shite to shoot some IDPA, USPSA and 3 gun matches, since I will be up there doing literally nothing most weekends for a long while.

I had found a nearby outdoor state range that was free or nearly so, and bookmarked it. Now I can't find it. IIRC it had a minimal requirement to join something to shoot there.

Does anyone know what range that would be?

Also, if anyone would like to go to the range and blast some, then have a couple beers, that would be great, as I'm up there doing not a damned thing often. I will have a car, but not for a few weeks.


Just how spazzed out would the local Delaware county deputies and local PD be if I were to Open Carry? I will be waiting up to 45 days to have a single gun right, so that's why I ask. Please don't start a typical OC is da debo/I support the second amendment BUT thread.