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    Default Use of Protective Force: Legal, Psychophysiological and Post-Event Management

    This course will provide students with a comprehensive overview of the multiple issues involved in the management of the use of deadly force. It will review PA State Specific case law as to PA's Justification Defense, with special emphasis on those factors defined by PA case law as critical to a justification defense, e.g., "without fault," "provocation with intent," "safe avenue of escape," and others. As well, we will describe in detail the options available to each person post use of force in terms of what to say to 911, arriving officers, witnesses, etc. so as to clarify to arriving LE, investigating detectives, etc., a defender's decision as to their use of force. It is NOT just about "articulation."

    We will also address how to engage with the highly trained investigating detectives who will contact you. In that context, since body alarm reaction will be most prominent in the aftermath, we will also discuss the impact made by BAR on episodic memory, recall, articulation, attribution, and the need to be prepared for exemplification. We will close with commentary on the psychological aftermath by appeal to the information gathered by a former Atlanta, GA police officer in his exquisite video "Officer Involved." That video will set the stage for discussing the inevitable psychological sequelae to the defender, his family and his social network and how to deal with it.

    This course will be conducted by H. Anthony Semone, PhD, a Police Psychologist in Private Practice in Philadelphia. Dr. Semone will co-teach this course with a 20+ years experienced patrol officer who has an earned BS in Criminal Justice from the University of Delaware and who holds numerous certifications to include MD Police Training Commission and PA Act 120 Police Officer Certification. He also holds multiple NRA firearms instructor certifications. Dr. Semone is trained and certified both by Massad Ayoob as a Deadly Force Instructor and by Andrew Branca as an Instructor Graduate from Branca's Law of Self Defense Instructor course. Semone has as well passed Branca's PA State Specific Law module for MA and NC modules. He has been involved in over 60 homicide cases in which the death penalty had been rendered, was at issue in the case in Chief, or where "life in prison was on the table." He has testified several times on behalf of LE and private citizens who had been involved in the use of deadly force. Each of these presenters has been close enough to the Elephant to be able to report on the "felt experience" of what it's like to be exposed to a deadly threat. Semone's PhD is an earned doctorate from Kent State University and he has had subsequent training and certifications in clinical neuropsychology from Reitan Laboratories as well as in Integrative Neurosciences from UPenn Medical School.

    This course will be held 24Mar18, 0900-1400 hours at New Holland Rifle and Pistol Club, 359 Meetinghouse Road, Gap, PA. It will be open to non-members of the club upon presentation of a current, PA LTCF AND documentation showing that the person has purchased his or her own copy of "Officer Involved," available in multiple platforms on iTunes, or directly from Tuition for non-members of NHRPC for the course is $175. Head's Up: this course is NOT for "lightweights." You will NOT be subjected to PowerPoint presentations. We will not describe your brain as that of a "monkey." We eschew the Least Common Denominator Approach. The material is NOT simple, but then, you are NOT stupid.

    So, if you are up to the challenge provided by this course, for a course application, or, if you desire additional information as to presenter credentials, contact Dr. Semone at <tonylfi42 at mac dot com>. Enrollment is limited and, again, admission will require a current LTCF and documentation that you have purchased "Officer Involved."

    Be safe, TB605
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    Default Re: Use of Protective Force: Legal, Psychophysiological and Post-Event Management

    As to the above "Protective Use of Force" class, we have been approved to have access to additional space at NHRPC for conducting non-firearm related scenarios. It is insufficient just to be able to say on cross-examination why you did what you did. At least two other factors are involved and learning how to do that to fullfill, under the minimal amount of stress imposed by your peers watching you and then critiquing you, will give each of you who take this course, and who volunteers for the scenario, a look through the window at what you'll experience, should the SHTF.

    We hope to see you there,

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