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    Default Re: Pa firearms transfer I.D question

    Quote Originally Posted by Carson View Post
    No, the still have the photo card. But like I said everything up getting your photo taken can be done from a smartphone, in a lounge chair, in your living room. And the photo card it self is valid for a period of time as a license.

    If you have to wait at the DMV you ain’t doing it right. I have never gotten one in Philadelphia, but found slow locations in Norristown. I went after daywork, when my hours are just like people with real jobs, and was in and out in about 12 minutes. Don’t let any other of the .gov workers know how efficient they worked at this location.
    Just like retail, it's location, location, location.

    I happen to always go to 2 places: PennDOT HQ in Harrisburg or a sleepy little office out in Carlisle. Never taken more than 30 minutes total to get my picture taken...
    "Those who would give up essential Liberty to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety" - Ben Franklin.

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    Default Re: Pa firearms transfer I.D question

    Quote Originally Posted by keystonetarget View Post
    ...You go to transfer a gun at an FFL from yourself to someone else... you have the expired DL and a current carry permit...
    When transferring a handgun from you to someone else, you will fill out Section F of the SP4-113. The FFL probably won't ask for any ID, or if he does, it would be to check to see if the name/address match what was written on the form, most probably wouldn't even look at the expiration date. The buyer of the handgun fills out Section B and C and is the person who needs the photo ID, be it a PA DL or other approved ID.
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