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    Default 10% off MLK Day gun sale (gasp!)

    Ch 6 (Philly, ABC) noon news talking head bemoaned a gun dealer advertising (looked like in paper) such.

    Obviously, since MLK was shot, applying his holiday to a gun sale is very un-PC, or worse. (Didn't catch where the dealer is...midwest or west, I think).

    Reminds me of Jay Leno mocking an ad suggesting a gun would make a fine Christmas gift. He should be old enough to remember such ads were legitimate and unremarkable. But hey, if pretending to believe something that you don't when you are on stage puts another car in the garage....

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    Default Re: 10% off MLK Day gun sale (gasp!)

    Was there a special discount on the Remington 760?
    "Take the guns first, then worry about due process" Trump

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