Hello All,

We are a Class 3 dealer in Shawnee, Monroe county selling all brands of suppressors through Silencer Shop and our inventory of brands not carried by Silencer Shop (SilencerCo primarily). We have a Silencer Shop "SID Kiosk" which allows us to process everything needed for your Form 4 when you pay for your suppressor (fingerprints, passport photos, CLEO notification, etc.) In under 30 minutes, you leave our shop with everything complete for you purchase. We have the lowest prices on Silencer Shop on all brands of suppressors.

We offer $25 transfers on handguns, rifles and shotguns, $75 transfers on silencers and SBR's purchased from sellers out of state and reasonable rates for machine gun transfers (varies by machine gun value due to the cost of insuring the gun-call for a quote). The SID Kiosk is usable for all Form 4's, not just for items purchased through Silencer Shop.


Omega 9K 9mm $740.00
Osprey 45 $730.00
Osprey 45K $695.00
Osprey 45K FDE $730.00
Omega 300 Win. Mag. $880.00
Octane 9 $730.00
Spectre II .22 $380.00
Warlock II .22 $310.00
Hybrid .46 $840.00
Osprey 9 $730.00
Saker 5.56 ASR $755.00
Saker 7.62 ASR $835.00
Octane 45 $695.00
Harvester 300 Win. Mag. $576.00
Harvester Big Bore .338 $960.00
Sparrow .22 $450.00
Salvo 12 Ga. $855.00
Saker 556 "K" ASR $676.00
Osprey 40 $525.00
Octane 45K $695.00
Maxim 9 Black $1,440.00
Maxim 9 Grey/FDE $1,510.00
Omega 45K $740.00


Mask HD .22 $415 (Minimum Advertised Price)
Sandman TI DT 7.62 $705 (Minimum Advertised Price)

All pricing is cash or check only.

Please see our website for more information or call (570) 460-3560: