Very interesting as I have wondered what other hunters do with small patches of woods surrounded by residential homes. I own about 3 acres of woods that is part of 10 wooded acres. To the one side is roughly 5 acres of farmland, the other side adjoins a neighbors 100 acres of mostly woods and a pond. The 10 acres and the 100 acres only connect at a small corner of the lots.

The deer often use the 10 acres as a bedding area and a corridor from the farmland (food source) to the 100 acres of large woods. I see the heard almost on a daily basis (probably 10 does and a few bucks i get on camera) The owner of the 100 acres doesn't mind me hunting the upper edge of his property closest to my house/land.

Only problem is the neighbor between me and the 100 acres is totally anti hunting/ probably PETA member. So just like the OP i would be concerned to arrow one and have it drop in her back yard. If I did hunt I would almost be guaranteed a deer though......So for now i just enjoy watching them in my backyard and trail cams