Seeing this thread pop up reminded me that I failed to leave feedback last month.

In early/mid November I received an unsolicited PM from Jkinpa1 (scammer??? haha) offering to sell or trade a few items he had available.
He said he had seen me mention (in a forum thread) wanting to buy some things when I was able, and he had just such items available collecting dust.
I asked if a money + trade would work for him and I listed the items I was able to trade.

His reply was prompt and went pretty much like this -"A straight trade works - I'll take the three ______ and a few of the ______ and I'll start getting this boxed up, but I won't get to the post office until Thursday." (about 2 days)

He didn't want money. He didn't want to wait until he received the items from me before mailing out his stuff.
He didn't even say HOW MANY of the second item he wanted - he left it up to me.

If he's a scammer, he's really, REALLY bad at it. LOL!

Items were exchanged - communications were clear and prompt - everything transpired in a timely fashion.