I did not find anything in the search.
They charge full price at time of order.
They will respond with updates until delivery is over due, then stop answering.
There are several hundred complaints with the BBB and Missouri AG office. One FB site I am on is tracking money lost and in a few days the list bumped over $50k.
1st week of Dec 2017 they had a $89k judgement declared against them for debt to a supplier and another pending with R&L Carriers.

Yet Rough Country Rustic Furniture continues to take accept new customers. 😠

There is another vendor in the same town with very simular Rustic concealed weapon furniture thst has been averaging delivery within a week.
Story is a partner of Rough Country Rustic Furniture saw the ship sinking in Summer if 2017, jumped ship and built a higher quality, fast ship business

I am fighting to get $150 back. Others have orders into the thousands they are fighting for refunds.