Just got my allotment of 20 tickets for the FOAC Spring 2018 Gun Bash. The bash is March 17, 2018 at the Washington County fairgrounds (same place as always). Starts at 1:00pm. Tickets are $50 each and there are some great guns to be given away as well as the side table raffles, 50/50's, wall of guns, mystery gun safe and mystery gun case. Grand prize is a SCAR 16 in 5.56/.223, runner up is a Tavor X95 Flattop XFD16. And don't forget the great all you can eat food, deserts and beer.

Tickets can be picked up at my shop or send me an email and we can do it through the mail. If you have a main entry ticket you do not have to be there to win a gun.

Actually I have 10 tickets to sell, 10 are already spoken for. I may be able to get more if I sell out quickly or I can direct you how to get them directly through the FOAC.