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    Default CDT Level II Pistol Co-Ed. March 10th, 2018 Coopersburg, PA

    Course Date: March 10th, 2018, 9AM – 430PM
    on FB as Citizens Defense Training LLC

    Course Location: Ridge & Valley Rod & Gun Club Pistol Range
    7600 Blue Church Rd S, Coopersburg, PA 18036

    Designed for the pistol owner with some experience. Approximately 8 hours.

    ***CDT Basic Pistol or equivalent required (Contact for questions of accepted prior experience/training)***

    Subjects covered: Review SAFETY, Grip, Stance, Sight Alignment/Sight Picture, Follow Through.

    Dry Fire/Live Fire Drills designed to increase proficiency in basic marksmanship, multiple rounds, multiple targets, decision making. Drawing from the Holster/Re-Holstering Safely. Introduction to Drawing While Turning. Near and Further Target Engagements (Self Defense Distances).

    Required Equipment: Eye/Ear Protection, reputable semi-auto pistol w/ at least two magazines, rigid holster, magazine pouch, ammunition suitable for the pistol (approx 500 rounds).
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