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    Default How Hitler Took Austria

    87 year old Austrian tells ho it happened. Very long, but very informative.

    "Hitler gave everyone a free radio. He was a great orator. And then he nationalized the radio. Citizens were warned if they listened to anything other than Nazi radio, they would be put to death.

    The only voice they had was the government radio station and the government controlled newspaper.

    Hitler gave Austrian equal rights for everyone. Also, everybody getting a guaranteed income from the government. The equal rights amendment was designed in two components, equality, economics and social. Economics was designed to equalize the countries wealth because everyone was entitled to equal income. To achieve that, they had to raise taxes to 70%.

    People got fuel stamps, heating fuel. The government equalized the countries wealth by taxing us. Called socialism.

    On the socialism, everyone has to be on the work force. Moms stayed home, raised their families. But in socialism, if you didn’t work, you were called a parasite. Moms had to go to work and leave the kids to where? A daycare center. The longer you left your child with the schools and daycare, the better the government liked it. These caretakers were from the government, trained in psychology, to mold the children.

    Education was then nationalized. We had a good education system before Hitler."
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    There is a place like that, but William Penn made sure to put a river between us and New Jersey, to keep out those hoplophobic riffraff.

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    Default Re: How Hitler Took Austria

    Most Americans are unable to look around and see whats going on.
    In one generation (baby-boomers) we went from a relatively free society to a police state.

    The next generation (millennials), will probably bring us complete socialism and electronic slavery.
    "One must be a fox to recognize traps, and a lion to frighten wolves” ~ Machavelli

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    Default Re: How Hitler Took Austria

    The constitution was not written for the times, it was written to stand the test of time

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    Default Re: How Hitler Took Austria

    Sometimes I wish we could split the country and let them have a state, say California, that they can completely have liberal ways, taking all the liberal news etc with them and see how long they survive before they completely fail.

    I am the old end of the millennial and I am appalled and the me first/ entitled/ snowflake attitude of the younger ones. This generation (millennial born 1982-2000 or 1981-1997 depending on definition)
    definitely has a big gap between those of us born in the early/mid 80s and those born later. I was a senior in high school for 9/11 not elementary school. I was working in a career during the economic downturn not just going to school. Those of us born in that early part have lived entirely different lives than the younger ones. The internet and cell phones were new things for most people during my life, not always around. I got my own computer in high school because I needed it to do work, not because everyone else had one. I got a cell phone when I got a job and paid for it. Giving these kids what they always want has screwed up the country and 8 years of liberal do what you want attitude only amplified it.

    I blame the parents.

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    Default Re: How Hitler Took Austria

    Great video, thanks for posting.

    Paraphrase:. We were given national ID cards. We couldn't board a train or anything without them. Don't ever let that happen here

    And we're getting REAL-ID... I don't think the average citizen realizes how something so simple can begin the process.
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    Default Re: How Hitler Took Austria

    It starts by removing Civics classes in school and decline of American History. This is caused by the state who sets the curriculum. Also home economic class which taught the basics how to take care of yourself, I believe also isn't taught.

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