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    Default Re: PA Election News and Results

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    Quote Originally Posted by rem6a View Post
    Any chance we end up like one of the commie states?
    If it turns out that way, it will be the collective number of firearm owners responsible. 1.2 million carry permit holders and millions of firearm owners. Yet we have two stooges for U.S. Senators.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GunLawyer001 View Post
    Getting info on who to vote for this year was like pulling teeth. I actively looked for it, I sent an email to the NRA (got no reply).

    Casual voters can be excused for not voting when they had no info about most of the candidates; why bother voting blind? We voted, roughly 3 hours into the vote we were #68 and #69. I invested about 2 hours in research the week before, and still had big question marks on most judges.

    If Republicans and pro-gun folks want to win these off-year elections, then put the damn info out there. I Googled "Pennsylvania judge gun rights" the week before the election and got very little.

    We lost because our side was asleep at the switch.
    I receieved a bright orange voter card in the mail from the NRA about week before the election. Are you a member of the NRA?

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